Vanishing Gradients

Episode 17: End-to-End Data Science

February 17th, 2023

Hugo speaks with Tanya Cashorali, a data scientist and consultant that helps businesses get the most out of data, about what end-to-end data science looks like across many industries, such as retail, defense, biotech, and sports, including

  • scoping out projects,
  • figuring out the correct questions to ask,
  • how projects can change,
  • delivering on the promise,
  • the importance of rapid prototyping,
  • what it means to put models in production, and
  • how to measure success.

And much more, all the while grounding their conversation in real-world examples from data science, business, and life.

In a world where most organizations think they need AI and yet 10-15% of data science actually involves model building, it’s time to get real about how data science and machine learning actually deliver value!